Monday, April 2, 2012

Maybe we'll fall -- but we don't fold.

Songbird: "Sorry, Immortus. But we're the Avengers."
Giant-Man: "We've never been very good at surrendering. Maybe we'll fall --"
Captain Marvel: " -- but we don't fold."

The time-displaced Avengers are facing off against Immortus and the Time Keepers who seek to destory Rick Jones and his influence on the future timelines. Immortus offers them a chance to give up and allow the Time Keepers to fulfill their mission ... but the Avengers don't roll over that easily! This 12 issue maxi-series was ground breaking at the time in terms of how it tackled using Avengers characters across different timelines as part of the same team and made for a fun, roller-coaster ride!

While it takes 3 Avengers to say this bold quote its testament to the teamwork and comraderie they share as the premier superteam of the Marvel universe. While the Avengers have been diluted over the years into multiple teams they serve as a good example of what it takes to work as a team because they motivate and encourage each other and are tackle any task no matter how great or small because of how well they work as a unit.

References: Taken from Avengers Forever (ISBN: 978-0-7851-3796-2) by Kurt Busiek (writer) and Carlos Pacheco (artist). Published by Marvel Comics.

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