Thursday, May 20, 2010

All this knowledge, and you don't know anything about life.

"All this knowledge, and you don't know anything about life. " - Superman

Superman is in the midst of an epic battle with the new and improved Brainiac. Brainiac has downloaded more information than he knows what to do with into his head and starts ranting and raving about how awesome he is. Of course ... almost everything Brainiac knows is second-hand information. He hasn't really lived a life and has no way of associating meaningful interpretations to the information he has in his head. This is a well written trade collection exploring the differences between the human mind and spirit versus that of an artificial intelligence.

In life we often make this mistake ourselves when we read tons of books and internet articles or watch lots of documentaries and reality programs. This lulls us into a false sense of information security which leads us to believe we can handle most things coming our way. Sadly ... when push comes to shove our poor brains can't always apply or even remember what we've read or watched and we only truly learn things and gain real knowledge when we live through the experiences life presents to us.

References: Taken from Superman Brainiac HC (ISBN: 978-1-4012-2087-7) by Geoff Johns (writer) and Gary Frank (artist). Published by DC Comics.

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